Rhythm of Life partners with individuals, churches and organisations to develop growth, discipleship, balance and fullness of life. We have a passion for following Jesus and integrating the missional and spiritual formation worlds.

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Rhythm Exercises

Every week we develop ways for Christ followers to engage with missional spiritual formation, to train ourselves towards godliness. Train with us.

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Articles and Exercises

Some of our writings can be found below

Missional spiritual formation – Reservoirs or canals?

Last week Adri-Marie and I had the opportunity to facilitate a week of classes with master’s students at the University of Stellenbosch on the development of missional spiritual formation. It was a fantastic week of learning and teaching for us. This is the second...

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Doing CrossFit naked

DOING CROSSFIT NAKED Clues for Faith communities by Pierre du Plessis Hi my name is Pierre and I am a crossfitter, I am happy that I am not a vegan as well since then I wouldn’t know which one to talk about first. So here is why I like, fine, love, CrossFit. It gets...

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Seeking the welfare of the city

Welcome to the individual order of meeting. Community Transformation Rhythm – How can you seek the kingdom of God in your community? Grace PrayerBecoming PresentInputQuestionsTrainingBlessingGroup Order Grace Prayer By God's grace, I partner with other people to...

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The gift at hand

Welcome to the individual order of meeting. Giftedness Rhythm – How am I a gift to the people around me? Grace PrayerBecoming PresentInputQuestionsTrainingBlessingGroup Order Grace Prayer By God's grace, I discover my unique gifts and serve in the world with...

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Dancing with Jesus

STORIES AND METAPHORS Dancing with Jesus Fourie Rossouw, Storyteller 13 July 2016 I used to dance a lot when I was in my twenties. Before you get the “right” impression, with dance I mean the kind Afrikaans speaking white South Africans do over weekends and festivals....

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A fellowship of the Mat

Welcome to the individual order of meeting. Fellowship Rhythm – Who are the people you are journeying with? Grace PrayerBecoming PresentInputQuestionsTrainingBlessingGroup Order Grace Prayer By God's grace I work on healthy relationships with others and live as...

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Here are some of the resources we have developed Raw Spirituality7 Ritmes vir Kinders

his book is a witness to what takes place when names trump numbers and stories with their accompanying metaphors keep relationships personal and prayerful.

Eugene Peterson

Pastor & Author


“Spirituality” is a slippery word. Often it becomes very abstract and quite unrelated to our ordinary daily lives on the street, and most especially to those who suffer. What I value most about Tom and Adri-Marie and their work with Rhythm of Life is their relentless and thoughtful commitment to help us to follow Christ in the midst of everyday life in South Africa. They help us in very practical and accessible ways to bring our lives and our faith together in more life-giving ways. I commend their work to you warmly and with much gratitude for their faithfulness to the Gospel.

Trevor Hudson

Pastor, Author, Trevor's Twitter feed

Rhythm of life helped our congregation to put our vision into action. It not only made our vision more practical for our members but also the Gospel. We can be the “church” just where we are at our workplace, school, we can connect everywhere we are.

Jan Smit

Pastor, Ruimsig Gemeente

At the Foundation for a Safe South Africa (founded by Roelf Meyer) we employ the Rhythm of Life teaching tool to great effect, working with unemployed youths from disadvantaged areas. We found that the Rhythm can be very useful to teach leadership and mentoring, also in cross cultural contexts.

Doc Mabila

Project Manager, Foundation for a Safe South Africa / Amaverkykers

“Yes, but how?” was and is probably our community’s most popular (and needed) response to any teaching or input with regards to the Gospel and our imperative to live it.We found in the culture of our community that this question exists because of a tremendous (and frightening) lack of a common spirituality; the way in which we embody our teaching and theology.
Rhythm of Life has been valuable beyond measure for us in creating and imagining a shared spirituality for our community, and it also gave us the right and meaningful tools to move together as a community of faith.
We also love the fact that our children find it equally easy to use and make it part of their imagination, that is a double win for us! Rhythm for the win!!
Ryno Meyer

Pastor, Pierre van Ryneveld Geloofsfamilie

I found that the Rhythm of Life model can be used equally well from within a religious or secular paradigm, since the principles are timeless and the truths universal.

Schalk van Heerden

Programme Manager, Youthzones

As elders, working mostly with young adults, we were searching for a method of studying and applying God’s Word that connected head, heart and hands.  Our frustration was that our small group discussions were regularly dominated by intellectual conversations which helped little to make people better followers of Jesus in real life. Working with the rhythms gave us tools to challenge and start changing this and although we still have a way to go, “small groups” are turning into “life groups” which is great!

Thomas Dreyer

Pastor, Randburg Gereformeerde Kerk